About Us

  • Nolia Swim is a sustainable swimwear brand that loves the earth and loves you back. We make size-inclusive swimwear made out of fabric created from recycled materials such as plastic bottles.

    Most sustainable swimwear runs 2-3 sizes too small; however, Nolia Swim is designed to fit women of all different body types. We develop our sample sizes with real women of different shapes and sizes during our sampling process before settling on our final designs. Our sizes range from an extra small (xs) to a 2 extra-large (2xl). Our passion for our customers and the environment fuel the drive to bring the world such unique products. We selectively source our fabrics to align with our goals to be a sustainable swimwear company.

    Nolia Swim is a resilient brand that respects the environment and seeks to bring beauty out of everyone who wears the brand. Nolia is named after the Magnolia tree, which is a source of beauty blossoming flowers and fruits. This tree has a long and diverse history of resilience in an ever-changing world.